Accessibility & Congestion Relief

With inclusive access being the pivotal focus for all modes of transport across the UK, Network Rails ‘Access for All’ programme and its ‘Step Free Access’ equivalent on TfL’s London Underground are both the front runners of the Governments Inclusive Transport Strategy which aims to make all forms of transport fully accessible to all persons by 2030.


Inclusive access feeds into all of the practices work in transport, infrastructure and landscape not only by statute but also from our deep sense of commitment to ensuring fairness and equality for all those who use our design work.

This is none more evident than on our 20 year long involvement in the design and delivery of railway stations and their associated assets where we have consistently addressed the everyday issues for how the less mobile passenger uses the facilities as well as how all travellers can travel ergonomically and safely and ultimately get the best possible passenger experience being achieved in every journey.

Some of the work we have been involved in over recent years are shown in this section.

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Further to Weston Station becoming a Listed Building, Network Rail needed to reconsider their response to providing an Access for All Scheme which had previously been proposed as a stand along bridge, stair, and lift arrangement beyond the existing station. The Motts, Fereday Pollard design team explored and developed a more integrated scheme which linked into the existing footbridge. The approach of the scheme aims to sleeve new lift shaft through and alongside the existing bridge structure. A simple pallet of material is proposed which are modern whilst complementary to the Victorian station and provide a symmetrical solution to the existing bridge arrangement. The scheme has been submitted for Listed Building Consent and has a number of letters of support.

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