Prototype Tramstop

An iconic tramstop prototype designed for transferable and flexible 'roll out' use on platforms and stops along the extended Croydon tram network in south London


Commissioned by Transport for London in the early to mid 2000's our tramstop design was to be fabricated, installed and field tested in two locations on the existing Croydon tram system for 12 a month period. During this time alternative features and finishes could be tested before proceeding with final designs and production.

Kit of parts

The tramstop was conceived as a highly adaptable 'kit of parts' whose steel and aluminium components could not only be updated and replaced over time, but also adapted to suit specific locations, heritage sites, ground space constraints and street furniture requirements. It was developed to be capable of providing a signed totem and TfL card reader if required or, additionally, a photo-voltaic translucent canopy, seating, weather screening, public information display and a range of durable, functional public interface extensions.

The central totem itself was designed to be capable of accepting and displaying varying configurations of TfL branding depending on the interchange available at the location. The photo-voltaic canopy is capable of providing 80% of the tramstop's energy requirements.

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