Taplow Station and Langley Station Access for All

Concept designs for Taplow and Langley Stations, in Buckinghamshire & Berkshire, which had previously been prepared for Crossrail


In the initial design phase we worked closely with the wider project team to resolve and improve many of the access and maintainable aspects of the scheme. These included reconsidering some of the proposed materials to improve both service life and reduce maintenance requirements, simplifying maintenance access arrangements, improving Cable Management Systems (allowing more extensive access), and eliminating ledges where pigeons could perch. However, these design developments were achieved without compromising the original intent of the open and modern nature of the overbridge design.

The designs were then developed to Grip 4 and included Form 004’s. Working closely with the wider project team throughout allowed us to resolve and co- ordinate the scheme proposals, including workshops on particular design aspects, and regular co-ordination meetings beyond the Interdisciplinary Checks/ Review (IDC/IDR). The project team also worked closely with Network Rail to co-ordinate the scheme, with the recently installed Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) masts and other existing rail infrastructure.

The project was developed in Revit, which assisted in the co-ordination of the design, and was further enhanced by using ProjectWise, which ensured that the whole consultant team had access to the latest CAD data

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