Union Street

The existing site features a derelict three storey building on a tight urban site immediately opposite Will Alsops highly recognisable glass clad Paleastra building on Blackfriars Road, near Waterloo Station

  • Demolition of an existing building, replaced with a new 9 storey development
  • 5000 square foot of A3 use, 20,000 square foot of commercial B1 space, luxury private apartments, penthouse suites
  • Maximise site yield
  • Assist client, the planning authority and the local neighbours to navigate through complex rights of light issues, prejudicial development concerns on adjacent land, overlooking and boundary issues
  • Concern for massing and scale, environmental and sustainable measures and aesthetic quality of building and understanding height in proportion to the footplate
  • Bespoke concrete panel cladding system, cut outs to provide winter gardens for the flats and a shield from adjacent noise pollution
  • Designed to a allow the passive flow of natural ventilation from one side to another without mechanisation
  • Secured planning consent via appeal, after two years
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