Thames Tideway Tunnel Public Realm Regeneration

Twenty four new sites along the River Thames with a range of uses and designs, the sites and the structures on them will form a key part of London's new urban landscape and public realm.


Twenty four highly prominent new surface sites along the route of London's famous River Thames form the only visible aspect of this visionary and complex engineering entity, known affectionately as the 'supersewer', the new drainage tunnel running far below Londons pavements. With a range of uses and designs, the sites and the structures on them will form a key part of Londons new urban landscape and public realm as we progress into the 21st Century.

Given that the vast majority of the Thames Tideway Tunnel infrastructure is located below ground we have sought to integrate the surface works and maintenance areas within the public realm without the need for private gated compounds. This has involved much work to seamlessly integrate our proposals with existing public spaces or to tie in with regeneration schemes that are already proposed by others.

Several of our sites are earmarked for residential development and there is no reason why the constructed Thames Tideway Tunnel works cannot sit side by side with these proposals in their public areas. For example, at Hammersmith Pumping Station and Chambers Wharf we are maintaining active engagement with the residential developers to ensure that the our proposals integrate seamlessly within the new public spaces of these major residential development with minimal loss of development potential.

In the design of the legacy structures we have actively sought opportunities to improve or enhance the spaces and where possible have identified synergies with other proposals. For example, at King Georges Park we worked with the local authority to identify how the new structures required by Thames Tideway Tunnel could contribute positively to their master-planning proposals for the broader area. This has led us locate our structures to form part of a relocated and enhanced park entrance and meeting place. We continue to work with local stakeholders to develop and enhance our proposals at several sites to respond to their emerging needs.

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